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Cumberland County Vignettes: Welcome


---The Legislature of 1807 voted $1318 for roads and bridges. The total vote was 6,632 pounds, the surplus after that was paid was 7,260 pounds. It was not until 1808 that the first steps were taken to open a highway from Hali¬ fax to Cumberland That year 200 pounds were appropriated for roads from Londonderry to Amherst, and 100 pounds from Londonderry to Parrsboro, also 25 pounds for a road from Gabriel Purdy’s (The Mountains) to Ramshag, and 25 pounds for a road from Richard Thompson’s from River Philip to Andrew Fushner’s, Ramshag Harbour.

---At the same session 200 pounds were voted for a lighthouse on Brier Island, the first lighthouse in Eastern Canada. A road from Maccan to River Philip was voted 30 pounds, and for a road from Parrsboro to Maccan, 60 pounds. A road from Barons Field to Parrsborro was voted 30 pounds. The opening of these roads rendered unnecessary trails through the woods or canoes around the shores. At this date Messrs. Roach, Purdy and Baker represented Cumberland in the Assembly. Christopher Harper and William Freeman, who had been elected in 1785, had removed from the province and their seats were declared vacant.

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